Thursday, 10 April 2014


A Lion was sleeping in the jungle. A little Mouse, was running in the grass and ran over the Lion's head and nose. The Lion opened his eyes and roared loudly. Then,he put his paw over the little Mouse. He was about to kill him, when the little Mouse cried: "Pardon me, King. Please" " If you forgive me this time, I will never forget your kindness" "If you respect my life, I will help you another time too" The Mouse was frightened. The Lion laughed "How could a tiny creature like you help me? "Ok, you're not so much a good meal" the lion said, looking at the Mouse.He took his paw off the little prisoner and the Mouse quickly went away. Some time after, some hunters wanted to capture the Lion alive with a rope net. The Lion fell into the trap. He was roaring and tried to free himself. The lion thought he will never escape. Just then the little Mouse passed by, he listened the poor Lion's roars, then he discovered him in the trap. Remembering his promise, he thought: "That is the Lion who did not eat me once". The Mouse said to him: "I'll help you to get out of this trap" and he ran to help the Lion. With his sharp little teeth the Mouse broke the ropes. When the Lion was free, the Mouse said: "Now, you see I was right" Moral of Aesops Fable: Little friends may prove great friends.

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